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Any company whose clients cannot use their services through one tap of a smartphone is doomed. Online chats have taken over offices, but no one bothers to start controlling the chats themselves.

Success cannot be bought, nor do magic buttons exist. The beauty of presentations, industry hype and the price of any technology has nothing to do with value. Any investment in digital is set up to fall if there's no caring employee on the other side of a client's screen - we will take care of the rest.


We know that creating mobile applications is surrounded by endless myths about unavailability, which "prove" the complexity, duration, importance of specialists and, ultimately, cost of the process, which is almost always bloated by multiples. Most companies, even those with resources, find it difficult to formulate a task "for programmers". Lacking the expertise that allows you to check the work and evaluate the final result, lets executors pass responsibility on to the customer if the result does not meet expectations. That's why we don't work like that.


We turn the game on its head. In order to make the project simple, fast, affordable for you and with a transparent image of the result from the very start, we always come up with solutions, we speak the same language as you, and back it up with a guarantee and the offer to pay nothing if you're not satisfied with the result.


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Yearly profit
  • Sales volume motivation is prohibited


  1. Honesty and modesty
  2. Hear and listen
  3. Use normal language
  4. Think about the client
  5. Offer more than expected
  6. Do more than suggested
  7. Invest and make all the best
  8. Earn from the result achieved by the client, not from your own process
  9. Relationships are forever and reputation is more important than money
  10. A team is more important than any genius
  11. In any tricky situation, the only right thing to make the client happy


Blockchain, bitcoin, ico, crowdfunding? Is that what you do?
No, and we won't either. We don't collect money, form funds, or offer to invest in assets that do not yet exist. We are just a service IT company with a strong, intelligent and world-class product that helps clients solve their problems - and doesn't solve our own at their expense.


The activities of the ineed.chat team fully comply with Federal Law No. 152 of the Russian Federation "On Personal Data". We are a certified operator of personal data.


  • We develop our own software products.
  • We specialize in the development of BigData, mobile applications, cloud services, and web solutions.
  • In our work we use: C#, Java, Swift, Python, and Angular

Sales & service:
  • Organization of service and sales, business development in federal retail chain companies
  • Customer experience management systems, design-orientated technologies to optimize products and processes
  • Personnel performance management systems
  • Optimization of processes
  • Development, implementation and optimization of sales models
  • Automation of service and sales processes
  • Audit of business models and business processes

  • Agile
  • Project management
  • Management for values
  • Production system
  • Standardized regular management including quarterly audit internal audit of processes